Data security is the single most important aspect at FundsV; we retain the minimum amount of account data required to verify funds. Our data aggregator currently supports more than 4,000 leading financial providers around the world, and 40 million individual users. FundsV's security program integrates infrastructure, applications, and processes to provide comprehensive, layered protection of all data, people, and clients within our tightly-controlled platform.


Host countries and host campuses recognize the importance of streamlining their application process for international students, to ultimately advance global student mobility. By effectively utilizing proven technologies to facilitate the funds verification process, authorities can focus on other admissibility indicators that require a more nuanced and personal approach.


FundsV improves the efficiency and integrity of a critical component for most study abroad experiences: Showing evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses. FundsV empowers international students by providing a robust platform for them (and their sponsors) to securely point their online banking data to the authorized host that requested it.

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Data is accessible only to authorized entities explicitly designated by the student, within the FundsV Network. Privacy Policy