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Registration entitles users to access your secure FundsV profile for two years. If you register today, your profile will expire on 20 Apr 2016.

* Electronically verify account balances from 3,500 banks within our network
* Upload documents via our secure Document Manager
* Convert monetary values to your host country currency
* Restrict access to your profile at any time

There is no charge to students who register with Lewis University near Chicago, Illinois before 30 June 2014. (The typical registration fee is US$50.)

Please type your Given Name (or First Name) and Surname (or Last Name) exactly as they appear on your passport and other official documents, so your host institution can properly cross-reference your FundsV profile with your application for admission. There is no need to enter your passport number or other personally-identifiable data.


FundsV applies bank-level security measures that comply with federal law. Our security program integrates infrastructure, applications, and processes to provide comprehensive, layered protection of all data, people, and users. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service elaborate on our conscientious use of data.

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