Banks within the FundsV Network

FundsV is affiliated with more than 4,000 banks, including some of the most popular financial institutions in the world. This robust platform empowers users (namely students, parents and sponsors) to securely point their online banking data to the student's FundsV profile, in just a few minutes.

FundsV also features a Document Management Solution that enables users to upload supporting documents and their corresponding monetary values -- which convert to the host country currency when the student submits his / her completed FundsV profile to the institution that originally referred them. Learn more about how FundsV works.

Or review a list of popular banks within our network:

  • ANZ (China) (
  • Bank of America (
  • Barclays International Banking (UK) (
  • BBVA Bancomer (Mexico) (
  • Bradesco (Brazil) (
  • Chase (
  • China Construction Bank (Hongkong) (
  • Citi Bank ( (
  • DBS (Singapore) (
  • Deutsche Bank (
  • HSBC Bank (UK) (
  • Lloyds TSB (UK) (
  • NAB (Australia) (
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) (
  • Santander (UK) (
  • Standard Bank (South Africa) (
  • Standard Chartered (Hongkong) (
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) (
  • State Bank of India (India) (
  • UBS Bank (
  • Wells Fargo (
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