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Notice to Current Advisors: We recently launched a new student interface, supported by fresh print materials. Contact to order cards for your advising office!

FundsV provides a valuable service to organizations involved in advancing global student mobility, by improving the efficiency and integrity of international student funds verification. We've developed a sophisticated hybrid of online / electronic bank account balance verification, coupled with a Document Management Solution -- our robust platform for students and sponsors to securely upload their paper-based financial documentation and corresponding monetary values.

Current Opportunity: We're enhancing our Document Management Solution by assembling a trusted network of advisors in select metropolitan regions of prospective students' home countries, who personally review and authenticate financial documentation before securely uploading the data into the student's FundsV profile. Here's an overview:

Each affiliated advisor must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the utmost integrity throughout the process. While specific approaches to authentication may vary according to culture, the overall review process must:

* Confirm the identity of the student submitting the documents
* Confirm that the name of the student matches the name of the financial sponsor, where appropriate
* Confirm that the bank (named on the statement) actually exists
* Confirm that the paper statement is authentic; if fraud is suspected, indicate which type (adapted from
   ** Alteration: Information on a legitimate financial statement has been changed
   ** Fabrication: A completely fake financial statement has been created
   ** In-house Document Manufacture: Fraudulent statement produced by an institutional representative; blank document stock made available for sale
   ** Misleading Translations: Translations can be interpretive rather than literal

Participation Parameters
We recognize the value of third-party advisors in many top source countries. However, we are also aware of advisors that do not adhere to the strict ethical standards upheld by FundsV. As a result, only carefully screened advisors may participate in FundsV's tightly-controlled environment.

We've found that the best international education advisors are always eager to improve the efficiency and integrity of their operations. That kind of advisor is delighted to learn of a solution that can expose other agents who fraudulently manipulate admissions documents.

To apply to participate in FundsV as an approved advisor, please contact our chief architect,

Claudia Maloney, Assistant Director for International Admission at Lewis University near Chicago

FundsV is a great asset for us!
We mention FundsV in all of our communication with applicants, and strongly encourage them to use this convenient service.

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