Participating FundsV Hosts

FundsV operates in a tightly-controlled environment. Students may register with FundsV through the referral of an authorized FundsV partner. Students may find the FundsV banner embedded within their prospective host's site or within the host's eMail correspondence, linking to a unique URL within the secure domain, To confirm authorization of a particular entity, contact Learn more about how FundsV works.

Hosts of International Students

FundsV improves the efficiency and integrity of the process for international students to verify funding sources, according to their host's requirements. The core component of FundsV allows students to grant permission for their bank to transmit account balance data to FundsV via our robust aggregation network. In addition to securely verifying bank account balances, FundsV also allows the student to upload documents to his / her protected account as further proof of income.

By customizing current capabilities of well-established global networks of financial organizations, FundsV can improve a host's yield or conversion from a generic student inquiry to a qualified applicant. Our communications platform connects and exchanges financial information securely and reliably, so prospective students can satisfy host requirements with speed, certainty and confidence. The automation and standardization of the funds verification process can lower costs, reduce operational risk and minimize inefficiencies of the current procedures.

To begin working with FundsV

- Apply as a host. Hosts must be personally approved by FundsV's Executive Committee.

- If approved, FundsV will assign the host a unique URL which students must use to register at FundsV.

- Embed the FundsV click-able seal within your site, with an explanation of the requirement to prove sufficient funds either through your current process or via FundsV.

- Encourage your prospective students to register at FundsV for unlimited account balance verifications for one year.

- If a student's or sponsor's bank is not one of the 4,000 banks around the world with whom FundsV is affiliated, then the student may scan bank statements or other proof of income as instructed by the host institution, and upload them to his / her FundsV account

- Log in to FundsV to view the student's data; FundsV maintains and reviews detailed usage logs for possible abuse of the site and the data within it

- If necessary, require further proof of funding from the student (i.e., award letters, affidavits of support or other documents) via the student's secure Upload function at FundsV

- Alert the student of his / her status in satisfying your requirements for funds verification; the host retains full responsibility in deciding how to utilize the robust set of data provided by FundsV

Claudia Maloney, Assistant Director for International Admission at Lewis University near Chicago

FundsV is a great asset for us!
We mention FundsV in all of our communication with applicants, and strongly encourage them to use this convenient service.

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